Senior's Bill of Rights

Early this year, Brian decided to begin work on a ambitious and comprehensive Bill that would increase the support available to seniors in our community and across Canada.After a decade of Liberal government, many services that affect seniors have been off-loaded to our provincial or municipal governments. Brian believes that Canadians want our Federal government to provide leadership and the political will to change this situation and ensure that all our seniors, regardless of where they live, are able to access the services they need.The basic proposal of the Bill, would be to provide seniors with the:Right to a pension income above the Low-Income Cut-Off level, indexed to Cost of LivingRight to comprehensive, universal, portable, accessible health care, including homecare that is publicly administered and global in natureRight to a publicly financed drug insurance plan for medical needsRight to safe, comfortable accomodation which costs less than 30% of net incomeBecause of its size, the draft of the bill is not expected to be completed and introduced in the House of Commons before the new year. Please check back to this site or contact us if you would like further information.