V.A.C.I.S. - Feds Fail to Provide Needed Infrastructure



OTTAWA, ON - Windsor West M.P. Brian Masse called on the Minister of Transport to meet with the City of Windsor to discuss the C.P. Rail Vehicle and Cargo Inspection System being built in Windsor.  “Yet again the Liberal government is intent on imposing a plan on the City of Windsor without input, without consultation and without taking two minutes to think about how this will affect our community.� Masse said. “If the Minister would come to Windsor he would understand this community simply cannot tolerate anything that makes it more difficult for traffic to move through the city.� C. P. Rail is building a facility, using electronic inspection technology, on the C. P. rail line between McDougall Ave. and the Ouellette Ave. overpass. The facility will require trains travelling to the U.S. to slow down while passing through the city, causing further traffic delays. “Here we go again, it is the border issue all over again,� said Masse.  “Once again we are seeing the federal government ignore the needs of our community. No thought has been given to how more, longer, traffic tie-ups on Walker Rd. will affect the auto industry in this city.  No thought has been given to the environmental impact on our community of more vehicles idling for a longer time.� “It is absurd.  Windsor is bearing the burden of truck traffic already and now the federal government seems intent on making that situation even worse. Now they want to slow the cross-border trains down in our community. How much more can this community take?  They need to invest in the necessary infrastructure before this project goes ahead.� In question period today Masse called on the Transport Minister to meet with the municipality before the facility is built and to commit federal funding for new grade separations needed to keep traffic moving. -30-