Windsor-Esssex MPs Call on Public Safety Minister to Expedite Federal Disaster Relief Resources

October 4th, 2016

Hon. Ralph Goodale

Minister of Public Safety

House of Commons

Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6


Dear Minister Goodale,


We are calling on you today to expedite the appropriate federal resources to assist the Windsor and Essex County recovery from a recent extreme weather event that has caused massive property damage in this region.


You are no doubt aware that the Windsor, Tecumseh and Essex County region saw severe flooding after receiving 190 mm of rainfall.  The massive amount of rain and subsequent flooding prompted both municipal and provincial authorities to activate disaster mitigation measures.


We understand that your government is aware of the unprecedented rainfall we experienced and significant damage it caused. It is now incumbent upon your government to assist the community in its reconstruction effort in the wake of this devastating flooding and we are calling upon you to immediately begin the process of implementing the appropriate federal disaster relief programing. We also ask that you completely restore the funding to the emergency relief fund that was cut by the Conservatives during the previous parliament.


We look forward to your reply.






Brian Masse M.P.

Windsor West






Cheryl Hardcastle M.P.








Tracey Ramsey M.P.